Aoyade MH51 Car Seat Covers Fit for Mercedes Benz GLE 580 Faux Leather Front and Rear 5-seat Non-Slip Waterproof Automotive Vehicle Cushion Cover Black red


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  • All-weather protection, all-round overall protection concept, universal four seasons, to provide the best protection for your car. Choose from a wide range of classic colours and will be the perfect choice for decorating the car’s interior.
  • It adopts environmentally-friendly and breathable materials, and has five layers of high-elastic composite type. The texture is soft and comfortable, and the touch is good. It has a strong resilience and provides a comfortable driving environment for your back while driving.
  • Upgrade Design – The side exterior of the car front seat cushions and headrests are made of elastic cloth to cover the whole piece, so that the sides are not exposed, and also keep the car cover in place without sliding. To keep your safety – side hole design allows airbag compatible, all seat belts are not covered, heating and ventilation function are allowed.
  • Easy To Install – Approximately 25 minutes of installation time, no need to raise or even remove the rear seat, it is super easy for beginners, just following the steps in the installation guide.Then it will never slide after proper installation.
  • Safe design to create a safe and comfortable interior space. Will not affect the original car function key use. The seat belt card slot is reserved and does not affect the track adjustment of the seat. Does not hinder the correct ejection of the airbag.

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Does the car lack a personalized interior appearance?
Are you worried that the original car seat cover is easily damaged?
Are you worried that the original car seat covers will get dirty?
Worried about the original seat cover being soiled by your family?
Our products are absolutely worthy of your possession, and these problems can be solved perfectly.
rasiarpio PU leather car seat cover.
◆ Highly elastic and durable leather fabric, comfortable and breathable, environmentally friendly, durable.
◆ Elastic sponge, fits more comfortably.
◆ Thick, high-quality, non-slip fabric. Non-slip, does not damage the car.
◆ 3D model design, perfectly close to the seat, no shifting,close to waist line,relieve fatigue.
Four Seasons General.Product ride comfortable and soft, suitable for year round use.the seat cover can protect the car seats, and keep the original car and the car seat is always the same.
Fit, safer and more comfortable.
Compatible with airbags to ensure your safety. The seat belt slot is reserved, which is safer and more convenient.
Humanized design, the side of the seat cushion is fully covered, durable.
The heating and ventilation function of the car seat can be used normally, and it is easy to install and easy to keep clean. You only need to wipe the seat cover with a damp cloth.

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